• CHILDREN PLAY PARK at the Cameroon Chariot Hotel

    CHILDREN PLAY PARK (Visitors Children)
    Mostly people who are not lodging in the Hotel, just visitors
    Number of children ( 1 to 10).
    Price: 20 USD. Duration: 5  hours.
    • Access to children swimming pool.
    • Access to children play park.
    • For kids events such as:
    MARRIAGES, (clients make use of the children’s play park).
    Receptionist: 237670150505
    G.M ( Ajongakah Victorine), Tel: 237 677719897
    Address: 750 meters from mile 17 Buea, south west region, Cameroon.
    Email: [email protected]
    I.T Department: Contact name: Moses, Direct mobile 237 679339676

  • Cameroon Chariot Hotel, SNACK BAR SPACE FOR EVENT (Short meetings)

    • Price: $50 USD (3hrs)
    • 20 people
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Drawing board
    • Pen, pencils
    • Short meetings
    • Musical sets

  • NIGHT CLUB space for events at the Cameroon Chariot Hotel

    NIGHT CLUB space for events

    • Rental : $500 USD: Duration (8hrs)
    • Capacity: 250 persons.
    • Modern night club
    • Disco light
    • VIP stand
    • Well-dressed chairs
    • Wines and whiskey of all sorts
    • Well trained staff for your service

  • Conference Room Rental at the Cameroon Chariot Hotel

    • Price: $600 USD. Duration:  (6hrs)
    • Capacity: 250 persons
    • Open space
    • Store room
    • 3 toilets
    • 2 bathroom
    • Open car packing space.
    • Chairs, tables, and cutlery
    • Writing board, projectors
    • Musical sets
    Receptionist: 237670150505
    G.M ( Ajongakah Victorine), Tel: 237 677719897
    Address: 750 meters from mile 17 Buea, south west region, Cameroon.
    Email: [email protected]
    I.T Department: Contact name: Moses, Direct mobile 237 679339676

  • GYM SERVICES at the Cameroon Chariot Hotel


    ·        Price:  $60 USD  per month per person (Session:  2hrs (6-8AM),  (3-6PM)

    ·        Modern Gym Equipment

    ·        Gym instructor

    ·        Massage chair 

    ·        Treadmills

  • Cameroon Chariot Hotel, (DOUALA AIRPORT CLIENT PICKUP)

    Service offered for 24 hours.
    Driving time from Buea to Douala International airport: 3 hours and vice versa
    Tool gates settlements

  • Cameroon Chariot Hotel, (Yaounde Nsimalen AIRPORT CLIENT PICKUP)

    • • Yaounde Nsimalen Airport client pickup: $400 USD
    Service offered for 24 hours.
    Driving time from Buea to Yaounde Nsimalen Airport: 10 hours and vice versa
    Tool gates settlement

  • Small Banquet Event Hall at the Cameroon Chariot Hotel

    • Price: 500 USD. Duration: (6hrs)
    • Capacity: 200 people
    • Stage and disco balls
    • D.J cabin with musical instruments
    • Chairs, tables, cutlery
    • 3 Toilets
    • A store room
    • Open car packing space
    • Projectors and writing board
    • Musical set

  • Big Banquet Event hall at the Cameroon Chariot Hotel

    For Booking information please call the Receptionist at 237670150505

    G.M ( Ajongakah Victorine), Tel: 237 677719897
    Address: 750 meters from mile 17 Buea, south west region, Cameroon.
    Email: [email protected]

    I.T Department:  Contact name: Moses,  Direct mobile 237 679339676

  • Home Stay, the Best Accommodation Experience in Uganda

                                                                                Home Stay in Uganda
     7 days cost at $300 per day
    If you’re going to live in Uganda for whatever period on internship, research, volunteering, holidaying or just on tour, staying with a host family will offer the best experience. We start with the firmest cliché in the home stays industry…a home away from home.
    1. Ugandan Home stays…Real Homes away from Home
    Ugandans are generally warm and welcoming so your stay is bound to be great. But all the same, bouts of home sickness are normal during this period hence living with a group of people who keep you company and treat you as part of their family helps to kiss the blues away.
    Add the small things like having to use public transportation to get home or sitting around a tally with good company as you laugh at the gags in the local comedy shows…nothing beats this atmosphere.
    2. Learn Ugandan languages
    You should definitely learn greetings and common terms on civilities as Ugandans are generally welcoming and respectful but some terms can be easily learned from a language book or with Google’s help. In a home stay, the learning environment is conducive as guests are exposed to the language banter of their host family and at the same time have willing partners who won’t laugh at your weird accents…unless it’s a really funny one.
    3. Prepare and enjoy locally cooked scrumptious meals with your host
    This is usually one of the top activities when you visit a new location as it helps one familiarize themselves with the local cuisine. The host family members like it to see you learn a new skill but above all when they eat something that has been cooked with participation of “muzungu”.
    In all honesty, it’s a complete waste if you switch continents or countries and still eat the same mediocre grub that is present everywhere. Be a little adventurous and try a dish with a peculiar name like “kikomando”…and if you do not like it, take heart since that is what trying out new foods is all about.

    4. Explore Uganda in Home Stays
    Your host family are a wealth of information which you can tap into to know more about other aspects of the Ugandan culture, tradition and psyche; stuff which you can’t Google but better yet local unique sights away from the main tourist routes. Should you travel upcountry, this is an excellent chance to experience the diversity of Ugandan tribes and food.
    Bonus benefit, you have willing participants to include in your photos and there’s no need to tap strangers to help snap a photo of yourself next to the giraffes.
    If you plan to make your own travel arrangements, skim through these transportation options in Uganda and make an informed decision.
    5. Make friends who will last for a lifetime
    And after your stay is complete, your bags are packed and you’re seated at the table after tucking in another delicious dish, this is the time to deliver your heartfelt thanks to your surrogate family, extend an invitation to also visit you when they have the time and promise to visit them when you’re in Uganda again…all in the local language. I believe, they won’t forget you too.
    6. Learn the traditional dance
    Nothing will give you joy like finding yourself breaking the rib with the local traditional dance. So entertaining, full of love and passion, and above all, so much educative; If you can pick the art of dancing, be sure you will be friend to everyone.

    To know more about these volunteer programs visit our website at;
    For booking your travel, contact us by sending an email to [email protected]
    Contact the volunteer Coordinator at: +256752888149, +256772888149

  • Volunteer Tourism service in Uganda. Service fee per day for ABROAD VOLUNTEERS PLACEMENT AND COMMUNITY TOURISM


                                                                                        FOR 8 DAYS TOUR at $300 per day.

    This Abroad volunteers and community tourism program creates an opportunity for our guests enjoy Africa’s best nature, cultures and art while they are able to support the communities and save a life and learning a wide range of African life styles and activities.
    You will experience Uganda first hand and share the experiences life has taught you, while immersing into one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. It is an adventure, a challenge, an investment in your future. Western Uganda Communities are focused on the future and you can be a part of it.
    You will leave a mark and a name in Uganda if you can reach out to the people in schools or in community and provide your practical skills for their future carrier and lives.
    By participating in this programme you will gain work experience and enjoy Uganda in an inviting environment that makes your stay during your period useful and unforgettable
    Our program is over 200 kilometers (km) from Kampala City in Western region of Uganda. Working by volunteering on these projects will be challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. Also by serving on this program you help improve the Quality of Life for People in the rural communities.
    With our volunteer program we allow you to discover the wonders of East Africa, while doing meaningful and rewarding community work. This is a great opportunity to explore life in rural Africa,
    Our Community tourism benefits local communities, particularly indigenous peoples and villagers in the rural communities. For instance, community people might host tourists in their village, managing the scheme communally and sharing the profits. In this community tourism project, the ‘community’ works with Uganda Vision Resource Centre, ensuring that all community tourism projects give local people a fair share of the benefits/profits and a say in deciding how incoming tourism is managed.
    Our Community tourism program benefits guests; these tours open up a world of adventure and opportunity. Our tourists take the opportunity to visit the National Parks, trek through the mountains; experience the magic of the Uganda’s hot springs, enjoy happy moments with local art and music while learning a great deal of Ugandan tradition and cultures. Our good community-based tours take you beyond mainstream tourism. You’ll meet people from different cultures and learn far more about them and their culture than on conventional tours. You’ll feel better knowing that your visit is genuinely helping your hosts. And if you want to simply lie on a beach…. well, there are tours here that feature some of the best beaches on the planet.
    This concept gives visitors an opportunity of a ‘home away from home’ with Ugandan families – participating in, and learning about the Ugandan way of life while experiencing warm Ugandan hospitality. This fosters greater interactivity, build cross cultural bonds, respect and understanding, and gives authenticity to Ugandan lifestyles, while creating a source of income for the host community.
    Our Community Tourism and Volunteer Destinations
    • School (Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools
    • Universities and other Tertiary Institutions
    • Religious institutions (Churches and Mosques)
    • Children’s day care centres
    • Health Institutions such as hospitals and clinics
    • Refugee settlements and Displaced person’s camps
    • Community Based Organizations and groups
    • Media and Broadcasting institutions
    • Business Centres and Markets
    • Agricultural and agro-processing centres
    • Environment and Nature conservations centres
    • Herbal Medicinal Processing centres
    • Cultural and entertainment centres

  • Chariot Hotel Deluxe at the Cameroon Chariot Hotel

    Chariot Hotel Deluxe. PRICE: $200 USD Per Night.
    – Sitting Room
    – Room
    – Fridge
    – Set of chairs
    – Toilet and hand shower
    – Jacuzzi or bath top
    – Plasma TV Screen
    – A.C
    – Acess to Wifi.
    – A kitchen
    – Hot and Cold water.
    – Two Balconies
    – Complete breakfast for 1 person
    – Free access to the Gym
    – Free access to the swimming pool


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