• Get I.T training on computer and Internet, Blockchain/payments processors/crypto exchange AT MBAHFORMUM


    MBAHFORMUM is a Network Marketing and Consulting company focused on innovations in the Multi-Level Marketing industry, BLOCKCHAIN TECH, I.T Finance. With head office in Cameroon, Buea, South West Region.

    We offer Basic Training on I.T, BLOCKCHAIN Tech and Training on online payment processors for end users.

    Start Basic Computer, Blockchain, and Internet training with us.  Training programs below.

    A). Micro soft Office( Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Paint, Internet)

    B). Basic Training on Blockchain Tech and crypto trading on exchange.

    C).   Training on crypto currencies cashout, from exchange through solidtrustpay to fiat.

    (D).Full and complete training on Emporiax.com by Action Coin,  and Farmbook  Marketplace ( Placing ads on the marketplace, Editing page on market place, how to share ads on social media etc)

    (E) Training on Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, network Marketing and Marketing techniques.

    All our trainings for now are live. We do not do online training. We also do not sell training videos at this time.

    For Banks( Credit Union, Micro Finance Cat II and Commercial Banks).Our I.T Finance, BLOCKCHAIN and crypto currencies  Training program will only be on contracts ( Buying and holding crypto currencies  and cashing out to fiat procedures)

    Duration of Training:  6 Months. ( Tuesday to Friday every week, 30 Minutes lectures and 1 hour plus practice and follow up by teacher)

                           Study  Requirement: Laptop and WiFi


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    2. Trevo dietary supplement .

    3. Cleanshield health drink.

    Experience: 23 years experience in Network Marketing, I.T Finance, Online investments and Market developer.


  • Mentorship on IT Finance and Blockchain Technology

    Sold By: Golden Gates

    Get updated information on modern day business developments in IT Finance and blockchain technology. We offer training in computer basics and professional IT skills in Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point.

    We have courses on modern day payments systems routes to get your money through the bank or thru visa and mastercard.

    We facilitate the transit of goods from foreign countries to home and vice versa.

    Head Office at Mendong  Yaounde, Cameroon

    Tel: +237 651 279 347 / 678 149 216

    Email: [email protected]

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