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Effective breeding of pigs depend on heat detection skills for the production of large litters or several piglets per delivery. The farmer involved in pig reproduction makes profit from the sale of piglets. More piglets mean good profits, but not all farmers know exactly how to get their pigs pregnant with many fertilized ova.
OLAW CI Group offers you experience in this area and also for your family and loved ones. Just download these tips and your farm will be booming with piglets in the few days ahead.

Most of the farmers in rural areas, small scale farmers, industrial pig farms not using AI depend on Heat detection for a profitable pig production enterprise.

OLAW CI GROUP is dedicated to offer assistance to those farmers who are not confident with the pig mating process. It is our business to help farmers produce large litters from their mated gilts or sows.

One of the common errors is for farmers to go into any form of livestock production without receiving the needed training. Common errors in mating pigs include:

The inability for farmers to detect heat on time leading to infertility and economic loss

Forceful mating of pigs leading to failure of pregnancy or no pregnancy at all

Mismatching of breeding males and females in terms of size, breeds, and relatedness.

Allowing mating pairs together for longer than necessary

Allowing mating pairs to themselves without the attention of the farmer or husband man.

Many farmers face difficulties in the breeding of their pigs based on their financial ability and the technical know – how acquired, and these include:

The inability of most rural farmers to own a male due to the financial constraints.

The stress and problems associated with moving pigs to and fro during mating which leads to accidents, disease incidents, poor implantation of fertilized ova, and loss of sows or boars.

Poor housing design leading to leg fractures, penis wounds/prolapse, and difficulty in mating.

Poor feeding of mating pairs leading to poor libido, low sperm counts, low fertility, poor litter size.

Poor or no veterinary care.

OLAW CI GROUP is dedicated to helping pig farmers overcome these errors and difficulties in order to benefit from, and grow their pig production businesses.

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