ABOVE A MONTH SERVICES

    This Abroad volunteers and community tourism program creates an opportunity for our guests enjoy Africa’s best nature, cultures and art while they are able to support the communities and save a life and learning a wide range of African life styles and activities.
    You will experience Uganda first hand and share the experiences life has taught you, while immersing into one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. It is an adventure, a challenge, an investment in your future. Western Uganda Communities are focused on the future and you can be a part of it.
    You will leave a mark and a name in Uganda if you can reach out to the people in schools or in community and provide your practical skills for their future carrier and lives.
    By participating in this programme you will gain work experience and enjoy Uganda in an inviting environment that makes your stay during your period useful and unforgettable
    Our program is over 200 kilometers (km) from Kampala City in Western region of Uganda. Working by volunteering on these projects will be challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. Also by serving on this program you help improve the Quality of Life for People in the rural communities.
    With our volunteer program we allow you to discover the wonders of East Africa, while doing meaningful and rewarding community work. This is a great opportunity to explore life in rural Africa,
    Our Community tourism benefits local communities, particularly indigenous peoples and villagers in the rural communities. For instance, community people might host tourists in their village, managing the scheme communally and sharing the profits. In this community tourism project, the ‘community’ works with Uganda Vision Resource Centre, ensuring that all community tourism projects give local people a fair share of the benefits/profits and a say in deciding how incoming tourism is managed.
    Our Community tourism program benefits guests; these tours open up a world of adventure and opportunity. Our tourists take the opportunity to visit the National Parks, trek through the mountains; experience the magic of the Uganda’s hot springs, enjoy happy moments with local art and music while learning a great deal of Ugandan tradition and cultures. Our good community-based tours take you beyond mainstream tourism. You’ll meet people from different cultures and learn far more about them and their culture than on conventional tours. You’ll feel better knowing that your visit is genuinely helping your hosts. And if you want to simply lie on a beach…. well, there are tours here that feature some of the best beaches on the planet.
    This concept gives visitors an opportunity of a ‘home away from home’ with Ugandan families – participating in, and learning about the Ugandan way of life while experiencing warm Ugandan hospitality. This fosters greater interactivity, build cross cultural bonds, respect and understanding, and gives authenticity to Ugandan lifestyles, while creating a source of income for the host community.
    Our Community Tourism and Volunteer Destinations
    • School (Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools
    • Universities and other Tertiary Institutions
    • Religious institutions (Churches and Mosques)
    • Children’s day care centres
    • Health Institutions such as hospitals and clinics
    • Refugee settlements and Displaced person’s camps
    • Community Based Organizations and groups
    • Media and Broadcasting institutions
    • Business Centres and Markets
    • Agricultural and agro-processing centres
    • Environment and Nature conservations centres
    • Herbal Medicinal Processing centres
    • Cultural and entertainment centres
    For more information about our Volunteers and Community Tourism programs visit our website athttps://volunteerinafricasite.wordpress.com/
    For more information about this tour visit our site at https://travelabroadweb.wordpress.com/abroad-volunteers-at-travel-abroad-with-uganda-vision-resource-centre/
    Contact us by sending an email at [email protected]
    Phone: +256752888149

  • 1 Day Trek(Hike) in the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda

    1 DAY TREK to Rwenzori Mountain (Forest Walk) AT Uganda Vision Resource Centre

    The one day trek meanders alongside the Munyamubuli River through one of the most beautiful pristine forests in the world. Magnificent trees tower above the dense undergrowth, our guides will explain to you the intricate dimensions of the many plants and trees and point out the many species of birds. The walk includes an excellent lunch. UWA gate entrance fee is included in the price. Walk starts at Trekkers Hostel Kilembe at 8.30am and returns about 3pm.
    To arrange for your visit to these exciting places, send us an email at [email protected] or call us on (+256) 772888148 or 752888149. Uganda Vision Resource Centre will be honored to host you and take you through there. A warm welcome.

    For more information about our tours visit our site at https://v2040rc.wordpress.com/wildlife-safaris-in-uganda/14-days-uganda-camping-safari-at-uganda-vision-resource-centre-we-emphasize-quality/

  • Fees per day for Work Tourism Trips to Uganda: Gap Year opportunities

    7 days cost at $300 per day

    Gap year trips for school & university leavers to volunteer at our schools & health projects in rural Africa. Join Uganda Vision Resource Centre in Western Uganda on your gap year to:
    Take part in a unique, life-changing experience
    Make a real difference to peoples’ lives in rural Western Uganda
    Learn new skills that future employers will value
    Join safaris & expeditions you will remember forever
    and have fun with new like-minded friends
    Volunteering is open to all. Don’t worry if you feel you haven’t got the right experience, our team is here to help you before you come and while you are in Kamwenge to give you the support and training you need.
    What makes UVRC Volunteers program unique?
    We run different Community Projects in Western Uganda where volunteers stay at a Guest Home, live in comfortable home stay environment while they play several valuable roles in fighting poverty in the surrounding area. Volunteers will be allocated roles teaching and supporting teachers at local schools where they will teach mainly English, IT and Physical Education. They will also be involved in HIV prevention projects in the area, generally community development projects and so many other projects as earlier indicated.
    What is the Home like?
    At home, food is provided by Ugandans who cook a combination of local and western dishes. Breakfast and dinner are eaten at home and lunch is either eaten from project sites or is a packed lunch. Water is either mineral water or filtered on site for drinking. The home keeps soft drinks that people can buy cheaply. When we aren’t away on field project activities, we shall have big barbecues on the weekends. Community leaders, Teachers and Church leaders sometimes invite our volunteers for dinner.

    Program Dates: This program runs all throughout the year. Program orientation will take place the second day of your arrival.
    Program Duration: Volunteers can choose to volunteer for a period of 1 week to 6 months.
    To know more about these volunteer programs visit our website at;
    For booking your travel, contact us by sending an email to [email protected]
    Contact the volunteer Coordinator at: +256752888149, +256772888149

  • Home Stay, the Best Accommodation Experience in Uganda

                                                                                Home Stay in Uganda
     7 days cost at $300 per day
    If you’re going to live in Uganda for whatever period on internship, research, volunteering, holidaying or just on tour, staying with a host family will offer the best experience. We start with the firmest cliché in the home stays industry…a home away from home.
    1. Ugandan Home stays…Real Homes away from Home
    Ugandans are generally warm and welcoming so your stay is bound to be great. But all the same, bouts of home sickness are normal during this period hence living with a group of people who keep you company and treat you as part of their family helps to kiss the blues away.
    Add the small things like having to use public transportation to get home or sitting around a tally with good company as you laugh at the gags in the local comedy shows…nothing beats this atmosphere.
    2. Learn Ugandan languages
    You should definitely learn greetings and common terms on civilities as Ugandans are generally welcoming and respectful but some terms can be easily learned from a language book or with Google’s help. In a home stay, the learning environment is conducive as guests are exposed to the language banter of their host family and at the same time have willing partners who won’t laugh at your weird accents…unless it’s a really funny one.
    3. Prepare and enjoy locally cooked scrumptious meals with your host
    This is usually one of the top activities when you visit a new location as it helps one familiarize themselves with the local cuisine. The host family members like it to see you learn a new skill but above all when they eat something that has been cooked with participation of “muzungu”.
    In all honesty, it’s a complete waste if you switch continents or countries and still eat the same mediocre grub that is present everywhere. Be a little adventurous and try a dish with a peculiar name like “kikomando”…and if you do not like it, take heart since that is what trying out new foods is all about.

    4. Explore Uganda in Home Stays
    Your host family are a wealth of information which you can tap into to know more about other aspects of the Ugandan culture, tradition and psyche; stuff which you can’t Google but better yet local unique sights away from the main tourist routes. Should you travel upcountry, this is an excellent chance to experience the diversity of Ugandan tribes and food.
    Bonus benefit, you have willing participants to include in your photos and there’s no need to tap strangers to help snap a photo of yourself next to the giraffes.
    If you plan to make your own travel arrangements, skim through these transportation options in Uganda and make an informed decision.
    5. Make friends who will last for a lifetime
    And after your stay is complete, your bags are packed and you’re seated at the table after tucking in another delicious dish, this is the time to deliver your heartfelt thanks to your surrogate family, extend an invitation to also visit you when they have the time and promise to visit them when you’re in Uganda again…all in the local language. I believe, they won’t forget you too.
    6. Learn the traditional dance
    Nothing will give you joy like finding yourself breaking the rib with the local traditional dance. So entertaining, full of love and passion, and above all, so much educative; If you can pick the art of dancing, be sure you will be friend to everyone.

    To know more about these volunteer programs visit our website at;
    For booking your travel, contact us by sending an email to [email protected]
    Contact the volunteer Coordinator at: +256752888149, +256772888149

  • 2 Day Trek to 3,140 Metres High on the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.

    2 DAYS TREK to Rwenzori Mountain AT Uganda Vision Resource Centre

    Later in the morning you have the option of climbing Kyalavula to get even better views of Lake George and Queen Elisabeth National Park before descending.
    An optional trek is to climb to Sine Hut at 2,585 metres via the Forest Walk which has stunning vegetation then return via Musenge Rock Shelter. This is a great walk up a gentle ridge through some magnificent forest with trees covered in evergreen lichen, swinging vines beautiful waterfalls. If you are feeling energetic in the morning you can climb up through the bamboo forest to Kalalama Camp to experience the wonders of the Giant Heathers and view from Kalalama.
    A third option is our new birders trail which takes you along the Munyambuli Valley. As this is in a deep valley it has a different atmosphere and vegetation with many fruit bearing trees which attacts a vatiety of birds and primates. At the end of the first day you climb up a steep ridge to sleep in Omusitha Camp at 2,792 metres and which is the lunch spot for those climbing to Samalira Camp.
    To arrange for your visit to these exciting places, send us an email at [email protected] or call us on (+256) 772888148 or 752888149. Uganda Vision Resource Centre will be honored to host you and take you through there. A warm welcome.
    For more information about this tour visit our site at https://v2040rc.wordpress.com/wildlife-safaris-in-uganda/rwenzori-mountain-trekking-options

  • 4 Day Trip to Fort Portal Area the Uganda’s chosen Tourism City

    4 Day Trip to Fort Portal Tourism City in Uganda AT Uganda Vision Resource Centre
    This is a 4 days trip to Western Uganda. Fort Portal Town is located in Western Uganda on the foothills of Rwenzori ranges and the main town of Kabarole District. Fort Portal is often referred to as the “tourism city of Uganda” and popular for its cleanliness and magnificent scenery not found in any other town in Uganda.
    Fort portal is dotted with numerous places of historical, religious and cultural significance including the Kingdom palace / headquarters of the Omukama of Tooro – Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, the Karambi royal tombs and several museums that depict typical culture of the Batooro.
    This dynamic, bustling, neat and scenic town is definitely a great haven to numerous destinations of special interest to travelers offering unmatched scenery, abundant nature and genuine adventure. The town is a perfect gate way where one can explore the jagged Rwenzori Mountains, scenic crater lakes, visit the amazing caves – “Amabeere Ga Nyinamwiru”, track chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park or drive to Semuliki National Park to view the famous hot springs and geysers.
    Fort portal boasts a pleasant and friendly climate all year round while its central location in the heart of western Uganda makes it a perfect starting point from where to explore other attractions in this region including the Rwenzoris, Queen Elizabeth national park, Semuliki national park and a myriad of other natural and cultural destinations. From caves to waterfalls, to crater lakes, Fort Portal has it all.

  • 5 Day Trek to the Rwenzori Mountain (Mutinda Loop) in Uganda

    The five day trek Rwenzori Mountain takes you up to either Sine or Kalalama Camps then day two you climb to Mutinda where you have the option of climbing Mutinda Lookout at 3,975m in the afternoon you will be up there to catch the magnificent views. Day three climb up the Namusangi valley past Lake Nsuranga to Kiharo Camp. The next day you descend to Samalira Camp for the night before descending to Kilembe.

    To arrange for your visit to these exciting places, send us an email at [email protected] or call us on (+256) 772888148 or 752888149. Uganda Vision Resource Centre will be honored to host you and take you through there. A warm welcome.

    For more information about this tour visit our site at:



  • 3 Day Chimpanzee Tracking Tour at the Kibale National Park – the primate centre of the world.

    Detailed safari itinerary
    Day 1: Depart for Kibale National Park Take breakfast early in the morning start your Uganda chimpanzee trekking drive to Kibale National park. You will make a stopover at the Equator for Experiments, photo shoots and a visit to the craft centers. Proceed with your drive to Kibale and on arrival you may visit the Crater Lakes Region. Dinner and overnight at Ndali Lodge / Primates Lodge Kibale or get to a host family where you will learn more about people and culture;


    Day 2: chimp trekking Tour:
    After breakfast you will go for the famous Uganda`s chimp trekking, during the trekking you will spot other primates like the white colobus monkeys, animals like the forest Elephants just to mention but a few. Return to the lodge for lunch, in the afternoon you will visit Bigodi wetland which is well known for various bird species. Return to the host family or lodge for dinner and overnight.


    Day 3: Kampala
    You will have an early breakfast before driving back to Kampala but will make a stopover at Igogo Cultural Center for cultural performances and a visit to the cultural museum. Proceed to Kampala but make your last stopover at Mpambire Royal Drum makers for a demonstration of how the drums are made and climax with a mini musical performance to show you how the drums are played.

    You will have lunch en route.  Dinner and overnight at your preferred hotel / Lodge and that makes the end of this Uganda safari. 


  • Exciting 5 Day Gorilla Tour in Uganda, best for you and your family

    5 DAYS AFRICA GORILLA TOUR AT Uganda Vision Resource Centre

    Our 5 day Africa Gorilla tracking tour in Uganda is done in Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga park where Mountain Gorillas are found in Uganda. Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Park of Uganda has about 650 mountain gorillas out of the remaining 720 word wide preserved gorillas and is the main Uganda Mountain Gorillas safari destination but also in east and central Africa. This 5 day Gorilla trekking tour safari in Uganda does not only allow you to see endangered Mountain gorillas that Uganda has to offer but also exposes you to Uganda best Wildlife in Queen Elizabeth, one of Uganda`s best national park that forms a Uganda safari highlights.

    For more information about this tour visit our site at https://v2040rc.wordpress.com/wildlife-safaris-in-uganda/5-days-africa-gorilla-tour/

  • 5 Day Nature Photography Tours in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa!

    This tour covers south western Uganda scenic areas including the UNESCO’s world heritage site, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; Queen Elizabeth national park, Mgahinga Mountain National Park, Kisoro and Kabale Villages and other natural areas. It also includes the Fort Portal Crater Zone; Bunyaruguru Crater Zone. Activities here will include Game Drives, Launch Cruise, Hill Climbing, Waterfall and nature walks, Crater Lake and cave exploration, Gorilla tracking, and village walks. This safari is available all year round.

    Guests get to see our beautiful country, experience African culture, learn some new skills and make a difference to those hosting them. As well as making many new friends, the memories made are sure to last a lifetime.
    The extreme south-western corner of Uganda is unsurpassed in terms of biodiversity and scenic beauty. Highland Tropical Rainforests and wetlands meet cloud and mountainous landscapes; and flanking to this astounding array of natural habitats lies the artistic farmlands and villages of the local inhabitants providing very good photographic opportunities.
    Nature hikes and excursions in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga mountains, offer great opportunities to learn about the complex symbiotic relationships in a prime rainforests and observe a wide variety of plants and wildlife.
    Interacting with the marginalized tribal group, Batwa – pygmies who are traditionally hunter gatherers, as they tell stories of their past, is a memorable experience! The area is a peaceful, relaxed setting nestled among fertile rolling hills, where we freely chat with artists, wood sculptors, weavers and farmers especially at Buhoma.
    For more information about this tour, visit our web page at https://travelabroadweb.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/best-nature-photography-tours-2/
    For booking, send us an email at [email protected]
    Contact us on phone: +256752888149 or +256772888149

  • 8 Day Tour to the Rwenzori-Margherita Mountain Peak at 5,109 metres in Uganda.

    Margherita Peak at 5,109 metres above sea level on Mt Stanley in the Rwenzori Mountains is Africa’s third highest mountain, however the real beauty is in the climb up the Kilembe route, the forests and valleys, the flora is diverse from giant heather trees and valleys of ferns. Climbing Margherita Peak is now technical due to the ever increasing number of crevasses. However scaling the actual peak is more of a hard scramble than a climb and when it snows it is difficult however the rewards and exhilaration of reaching the top is enormous as you look across Albert Peak to the DRC (Congo) then east across the spectra of the Rwenzori Mountains.
    We have found that many people do this trek in eight days as they are able to skip camps on the way down, however you need to be fit.
    For more information about this tour visit our site at https://v2040rc.wordpress.com/wildlife-safaris-in-uganda/rwenzori-mountain-trekking-options/

    Our Tour and travel programs, the Volunteer trips  are popular with both foreign and domestic tourists and there is a wide variety of tourist attractions and accommodations.

    We operate mostly in Western Uganda, a region that accounts for 75% of all tourism destinations in the country.

    For more information about this tour, visit our web page at https://travelabroadweb.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/best-nature-photography-tours-2/

    For booking, send us an email at [email protected]
    Contact us on phone: +256752888149 or +256772888149

    When you make contact or pay for your visit through website expect a confirmation email from our travel coordinator as soon as possible.

    Expect a warm welcome to Uganda and a rewarding trip of your lifetime.

    At  the end of your visit you will be awarded a GIFT CERTIFICATE which offers you a 10% discount on your second visit, or to another person you will recommend to our services.

  • 8 Day Trek to Mt Baker (4,842 metres high) in the Rwenzori Mountain Range in Uganda

    8 DAYS TREK to Rwenzori Mountain -Mt Baker 4,842 metres AT Uganda Vision Resource Centre

    This is a fantastic climb mainly of hard rock and basically non-technical however we do use ropes and harnesses for safety reasons. On a clear day you will see breathtaking views of Margherita and Alexandra Peaks and panoramic views of the Rwenzori range. A truly amazing experience. This trek to the top of Mt Baker is relatively easy for anyone with reasonable fitness and a head for heights.

    To arrange for your visit to these exciting places, send us an email at [email protected] or call us on (+256) 772888148 or 752888149. Uganda Vision Resource Centre will be honored to host you and take you through there. A warm welcome.
    For more information about this tour visit our site at https://v2040rc.wordpress.com/wildlife-safaris-in-uganda/rwenzori-mountain-trekking-options/

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